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Nancy Potok

Dr. Nancy Potok has over 36 years of senior level experience in the public policy arena within the public, private and non-profit sectors focusing on evidence-driven decision-making, program evaluation, population censuses and surveys, social science research, risk management, coaching, and organizational innovation and transformation. Dr. Potok is the CEO of NAPx Consulting, a Visiting Fellow at RTI International,
and a Senior Fellow at the Center for Excellence in Public Leadership at the George Washington
University. She previously served as the Chief Statistician of the United States in the Executive Office of the President, Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer of the U.S. Census Bureau, Deputy Under Secretary for Economic Affairs at the US Department of Commerce, COO of McManis & Monsalve Associates – a data analytics company, and Senior Vice President of NORC at the University of Chicago. She served as a Commissioner on the US Evidence Based Policy Making Commission, and currently chairs and serves on several Boards of nonprofit organizations and academic institutions dedicated to evidence-based policymaking, mathematics, computer science, and technology. She is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and the National Academy of Public Administration, a SAGE at the Partnership for Public Service, a former visiting scholar at NYU, a former adjunct professor at The George Washington University, and a Non-resident Fellow at the Urban Institute. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Arthur S. Flemming Award, Presidential Rank Award, Secretary of Commerce’s Gold Medal, AFERM Enterprise Risk Manager of the Year Award, and The George Washington University Distinguished Alumni Award.  She earned her Ph.D. at the Trachtenburg School of Public Administration and Public Policy at The George Washington University.

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Women Leaders in Federal Statistics (2016). Leadership and Women in Statistics, edited by Amanda L. Golbeck, Ingram Olkin, & Yulia R. Gel. 174-178. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL